Top 10 Job Roles for Information Technology Graduates for a better future

The growth of Information Technology has improved rapidly. Mostly, in every sector there exists and Information Technology, Software Development & Computer Training Centers & Departments. The future of IT Sector is going to be the most flourish and well-recognized resource for the development of the countries in the world. The job roles are also fascinating in the areas of Information Technology. Some of the job roles are discussed here

  1. Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer is a professional who is responsible for professional development and maintain computer vision and image processing algorithms and analytics tools in order to track, classify, detect and manipulate real and visual objects. There is a huge scope in the job role of computer vision engineer and image processing techniques. You can earn millions in this field.

  1. Project Manager

Project Manager is a key individual who is responsible for planning, prepare, execute and deliver projects according to the time duration and budget given by the organization or client. This job role draws an inspiration to analyze, investigate and demonstrate the resources by cooperation and efforts of your team and specialists to provide the particular project based on the planning phase. The role of the project manager is to define project essentials, set goals to assure the quality based on the particular project based lifecycle model.

  1. Network Analyst

The role of Network Analysts is increasing rapidly. Network Analysts are responsible for installation, designing, analyzing and maintaining the network traffic within the organization. Network Analysts are an essential source that may be required in all domains of business and technological sectors. The future of Network Analyst is increasing every day and it will further increase in future because of up to date amendments in the Network Systems.

  1. Software Engineer

The role of the software engineer, sometimes regarded as a programmer or a developer. It has vast domains and roles in the various dimensions in the field of computing, software engineering, and information and communication technology. Software Engineer is a person who is responsible for the design and implementation of the programmable codes into a software product. Synonymously, a programmer creates programs that are executable and runnable.

 Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence is a vast domain, the motive of business intelligence analyst to gather data from various sources and use them in wide range of market and business trends, through which an organization or a company determine the company’s current status and position in the industrial sector, growth and costs affects are also measured by the BI Analyst. This domain “Business Intelligence” continuously working to assets the business requirements and needs to be implemented in the company or organization. Thus, the role of BI Analyst is expanding a lot and it will further increase drastically.

  1. Security Analyst

Security Analysis is a process to make computer systems, network servers and organization data and information protectable and securable within the centric and organized way. The job role of Security Analyst to maintain the integrity and security of data and information, he must possess the knowledge of information of business analysis, information technology, and cybersecurity to apply his skills in a manageable way.

  1. Data Scientist

The role of Data Scientist is to analyze, illustrate, examine and interpret the data by using Machine Learning Techniques. A Data Scientist proficiently retrieves the data from a variety of sources and then applies the mathematical, computational and statistical analysis to provide diverse resources to the businesses and organizations by the use of machine learning techniques. The job role of data scientist is emerging the expected salary is in millions, and it is expected to be increased further in near future

  1. IT Manager

Information Technology Management is a broad term that deals with the management processes and operations co-relating between Information Technology & Management Science. IT Manager Role is to plan, analyze, coordinate and directing activities to determine the management and technical processes happening in the organization. IT Managers tend to have a critical, logical and business minded individual that can provide the technical resources related to Information Technology by using the principles of management to deal with the concerned market. The trend of IT Management is working for the expansion of businesses and correspondence dealings between the leading IT Companies and their clients. The future of IT Manager expands on the daily basis.

  1. Database Administrator

The role of the Database Administrator is to provide data integrity, performance, reliability and security to the databases. Database Administrator is required to develop databases. The database is a collective storage where data is stored. Technically, every organization requires a database administrator, and its role is vital in every sector and every organization, as automation enhances the ratio of database administrators also increase with the passage of time and duration. Thus, the role of Database Administrator will increase further in future

  1. Mobile Application Developer

The trend of Mobile Applications and Software is flourishing and it increases every day. Several, Applications are developed. The rate of Android and IOS Developers is also expanding a lot. Software such as video games, chat messengers, antiviruses has contributed a lot to the software development market and the expansion of mobile devices powered with different operating systems are produced in the market and the scope of mobile applications developer is constantly increasing people can find plenty of work online and can earn millions by working at his home.

Thus, Apart from the above discussed trending jobs, there are several jobs roles that are more than 150+ which may be reviewed by the documented links online on the internet and established sources.